Digital Collage Artist Creates Surreal Collages that Takes One into the Yonder Blue

There aren’t many digital collage artists who use clouds and starry skies to create beautiful digital collages as Nikola Miljkovic does. His dream-like compositions take one out into the yonder blue. And his human characters seem so carefree, perched upon the clouds, that it makes the viewers forget their existence on the gravity-bound earth momentarily.

This 21-year-old graphic designer and digital artist, based in Nis, Serbia, is a whiz at making digital collage art using Photoshop. However, it’s his imagination that’s beyond compare. His creations, imbued with graphic clarity, take one way above into the clouds to give a bird’s eye view of the earth. He incorporates such meaningful elements in his collages that they immediately capture one’s imagination.

Miljkovic was always interested in art since his childhood. He took up graphic designing as a career choice and mastered graphic software, Photoshop. It wasn’t long before he started experimenting with collages by merging two photographs into one and mixing their elements to make an entirely new work of art.

Miljkovic’s approach to his work is simple. He first brainstorms the design for his collage and thinks out the elements to be used in it. The underlying theme in all his works is the clouds and he uses them in almost all his collage creations. It’s his thoughtful placement of elements in and around the clouds that provides freshness to his creations.

Miljkovic sources his inspiration from photographs and from the memory of what he has seen. He then correlates them with the cloud theme to produce digital collages. For all this, he makes use of Photoshop. He uses the cutouts from the photo and places them by moving the Photoshop layers. This way he superimposes the cutouts on a cloud pic to make a pleasing image. The immense variety of his collages on the theme of clouds is absolutely astounding.

Some of Miljkovic’s works are rendered on hundred-percent cotton rag archival paper and printed with archival inks. He showcases his works on Instagram, where he enjoys a viewership of over 12,000.

Nikola Miljkovic


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