RC Drift Cars are for Diehard Drift Car Enthusiasts

Ever heard of Radio Controlled or RC Drift car toy? If no, then here’s the low down. A typical RC Drift car has a remote control that controls the movement of the car. The car is equipped with drift tires that help in drifting it in multiple ways, that is, make it perform a U-shaped drift, a figure of 8 drift, around drift, and many other tricks.

So versatile are RC Drift cars that they delight kids and adults alike. It’s no surprise that these cars have become very popular. Leading the way for quality RC Drift cars is RCDriftTok that offers a few entry-level RC Drift cars to get you started. RCDriftTok is the brainchild of Jordan, who has been a Radio-Controlled Car enthusiast for over 30 years! These cars have become a passion for him now.

What started out as a hobby for Jordan, where he raced in many fantastic venues throughout the UK, soon became a career option for him. He always wanted to own his own RC Model Shop and his dream was finally realized when he took the help of Gary Marsden, famed for winning the British RC RallyCross Championship for two years running! The two together established RC Model Shop in 2014.

The shop offered a track to teach RC enthusiasts how to improve RC driving skills. Seeing this popularity, the shop was turned into a permanent RC Drift venue. Although Lee had to close the track after three years, he went on to create RC Model Shop Direct. This shop, not only offers RC Drift toy cars for sale, but also RC Drift car parts and RC drift car build kit. Today, this shop is doing great and now caters to all things Radio Controlled.

The great models available here display some of the best RC drifting tricks. The pin-point accuracy of the RC Drift cars in knocking down miniature soda bottles, drifting around obstacles, and perfect parallel parking is to be seen to be believed. RCDriftTok enjoys a following of over 46,000 fans on Instagram alone.


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