Artist Shares Space in His Pics with Adorable Disney Characters in Varied Fun Situations

Mention Disney and the mind conjures up images of the immortal Disney characters. However, our imagination is limited only to the magical Disney world created exclusively for Disney characters. However, here’s an artist, actor and school teacher called Samuel MB, who includes Disney characters in his everyday life through his oh-so-cute photos!

Samuel’s creations show him hanging out with popular Disney characters, such as Ariel, Hercules, Simba, and many more. What he does is to take a Disney cartoon with a particular expression and visualizes the scene composition. Now using Photoshop, he composes the photo and includes himself in it. The result is always so cute. A case in point is his pic featuring the angry Disney dogs – Tramp and Lady – both looking at Samuel reproachfully, while he eats noodles without sharing it with them.

Samuel tells what made him go for such creations, “When I was a kid, I was a fan of the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ I liked the combination of animation and live-action. Years later, I learned to use Photoshop, and now I like to create photos by combining cartoons with real life.” Of course, his primary motivation remains the Disney movies that he simply loves watching; his favorite being ‘The Little Mermaid’.

It was Samuel’s father who had bought Photoshop to edit his photos and taught him to use it too. Today, simple Disney characters illustrations take Samuel about an hour to create, but the complex ones with many characters can take him up to five hours. Currently, he’s looking to create a short movie featuring him and the Disney characters.

The prime motivation for Samuel to do what he does is to have fun and also provide fun to his viewers. He enjoys a following of over 277,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Samuel MB


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