Finnish Visual Artist Creates Incredible Life-Size Sculptures By Knitting And Crocheting

People crochet and knit garments to be worn, but here’s a visual artist, who creates sculptures out of knitting and crocheting! Meet Liisa Hietanen, a Finnish visual artist, whose creative genius is making waves on the internet. So realistic are her fabric sculptures that one needs to look at them twice to confirm they’re indeed …

Bestselling Children’s Author Mo Appears As A YouTube Messiah To Homebound Children In Times Of Coronavirus

If you genuinely love children, it shows, especially in times of the coronavirus outbreak. One such kid-lover is Mo Willems, a bestselling author and illustrator of children’s books, such as ‘The Pigeon Have to Go to School’, I Will Take a Nap’ and ‘Knufflebunny’. He realized the need for reaching out to children, who are …

Baking Sensation Creates Intricate Carvings On Flour-Covered Flatbreads And More, Making Them Too Good To Eat

Have you ever got awestruck merely by seeing intricate wood or stone carvings? Well, those carvings are nothing compared to what this baking artist does on her flour-covered creations. This North Carolina-based creative baker is Hannah, who’s known as Blondie and Rye on her Instagram page.