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Baking Sensation Creates Intricate Carvings On Flour-Covered Flatbreads And More, Making Them Too Good To Eat

Have you ever got awestruck merely by seeing intricate wood or stone carvings? Well, those carvings are nothing compared to what this baking artist does on her flour-covered creations. This North Carolina-based creative baker is Hannah, who’s known as Blondie and Rye on her Instagram page.

Crochet Artist Creates Freehand, Full-Body Costumes That Children Simply Love

If you’re familiar with crochet, you’d know how intricate this art is, what with interlocking loops of yarn, thread, strands and other materials done by means of a crochet hook. The reason why crochet pieces are usually smaller in size. However, Stephanie Pokorny’s size really doesn’t matter. This amazing crochet artist makes full crochet dresses!

The Russian Duo Creates Mind-Blowing Paper Sculptures Out Of Plain White Paper Sheets

Mention paper sculptures and the thought usually goes to the Japanese traditional art of Origami. However, what Asya Kozina and Dmitriy Kozin create out of paper is certainly mind-blowing! This duet not just creates run-of-the-mill paper sculptures, but actually explores the possibilities through cultural research of different historical, traditional and artistic renderings.

Puppet Maker Awes All By Creating Moving Puppets Of Microscopic Organisms

It’s really surprising that a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was permitted to handle a pair of scissors by her parents at that tender age! For any toddler her age, clippers are always a big no-no. There was a reason why Judith Hope was allowed this because from her childhood itself she was in love with creating things …