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Digital Artist & Photographer Manipulate Photos To Make Them Look Like Birds And Animals

The Creative Eye Of This Artist Is Par Excellence

If you’ve tried Google Maps, no not the two-dimensional maps, but the satellite view of the Earth and zoomed it over cities and countryside, you would’ve certainly been awestruck by the beautiful satellite imagery of land, buildings, rivers, lakes, shores, monuments, streets and what’ve you.

Here is a graphic designer and a retoucher, who has taken these aerial shots a notch higher. He has retouched the shots of forests, cities, and other landscapes into myriad human, animal and bird figures. But that’s not all, he has also composed shots of exquisite beauty that really takes the breath away.

Fabien Barrau is certainly making waves with his creations. Currently, this Frenchman, residing in Paris, France, is employed as a senior graphic designer and retoucher for Mikros Image, where he’s overall in charge of Mikros Print studio. From here, he manages all types of creative retouching, photomontages and onset. He holds a rich experience of over a decade in specialized photographic post-production.

Barrau, in his artistic journey, certainly wears different hats. He is the creative genius behind the glossy and endearing advertisements of most leading brands such as Cartier, Dior, Chopard, la Prarie Switzerland, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Dom Pérignon champagne, Hennessey cognac, Heineken beer, Nike football, Puma and many more.

The creativity that Barrau displays in his still photography of the brands is simply mind-blowing. He possesses a keen sense of placement of products to be photographed and exactly knows the play of light and shade. Little wonder he is the first choice of many big brand companies.

However, it is his photographic art that sweeps everyone off their feet. Laying the floor of a cathedral with black and white human faces is a prime example of his genius. It is not surprising that he enjoys a following of over 33,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Image: Fabien Barrau/Instagram

Fabien Barrau

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Written by Deepak Mehla

Graphics Designer, Seeking A Job.

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