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How Contemporary Art By Xu Zhen is Making the World a Better Place

Xu Zhen is regarded as the symbol of Chinese contemporary art and rightly so. He’s not only an exceptional contemporary artist but also a curator and founder. In 1998, he co-founded an independent non-profit organization, Bizwing Center, based in Shanghai, China. He went on to establish an online art community, Art-Ba-Ba, with Shanghai artists, which …

This World-Renowned Sculptor Infuses Feelings In Her Ceramic And Bronze Animal Sculptures

It’s easy for most animal sculptors to exactly reproduce the features of animals they are sculpting. However, here is a sculptor, who not only creates their exact replica but also infuses their feelings in her sculptures. This outstanding artist is Nick Mackman, an award-winning sculptor, who holds expertise in both ceramic and bronze animal sculptures.

These Miniature Animals Are Both Heart-Warming And Awe Inspiring

There is something really cute about miniatures. And this amazing artist makes cute, cuter by her incredible miniature sculpting of animals! Meet Kerri Pajutee, who currently resides in Central Oregon. Seeing her life-like animal miniatures, it is difficult to believe that she is a self-taught artist. She has developed her own technique of mixed media, …