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Water Art And Other Creations Of This Artist Are Being Lapped Up On The Internet

The works of Aravis Dolmenna literally ooze creativity. This is because her compositions use fluids and liquids of all kinds. This has helped her build a unique brand identity that people immediately recognize. What’s great about her creations is the diversity it displays.

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Incredible Harvest Art Has Put The Spotlight On This Organic Gardener

Open Carmel Bella Farm’s website and the first thing you encounter is a quote from Rumi ‘Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there’! We really don’t know about the right and wrong part, but art and vegetables certainly meet at Lisa Troutner’s organic vegetable garden.

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Cutest Food Ideas Ever! Add Yours

Food carving is not new to us and it becomes a complete art piece when you add a little bit of creativity in it especially when it is for kids. These little cute food ideas from around the world will make your day. have a touch of sweetness into eyes!!! Via: Onelittleproject | Cutestfood | […]