Creative Mexican Photographer, Graphic Designer And Digital Artist Works On Big International Brands

If you’ve ever seen and marveled at the creative advertisements in photography magazines, such as “A” Design, Retouched Magazine, Digital Camera, DOCMA, Digital Photo, Good Light, and others, this may very well be the handiwork of Felix Hernandez, a Mexican photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist.

Global Brands Vie For This ‘Visual Engineering’ Wizard For Print And Video Advertising

You can call Steve Giralt the pioneer of ‘visual engineering’ that integrates photography, video and modern imaging technologies. Evidently, this Cuban photographer is not your run-of-the-mill photographer, but someone who “loves to push the limits of technology and image-making to create cool visuals for clients across the globe”.

In A First, This Photographer Creates Amazing Large-Scale Photographs That Can Be ‘Entered’!

You must’ve visited many photo galleries and marveled at the clarity and depth of photographs. Some photos may even seem to leap out of their frames, creating a visual delight. However, here’s an artist called Chris Engman, who creates large-scale installations that can be entered by its viewers! Foxed? Here’s how he does it…

Fun Cutouts In “Travel Photographs” By Ana Stretcu Makes Them Oh-So-Adorable

How do you immortalize your trips and travels? Take lots of photographs of places you visit and preserve them in an album or on your laptop, that’s how. Well, Ana Stretcu goes one further, she first makes them memorable by superimposing the photo with the cutouts of her and her boyfriend, instead of posing in …

Artist Duo Are Delighting Art Lovers With Their Amazing Paper 3D Art Installations

It was probably their common interests that brought these two French artists, Lucie Thomas, and Thibault Zimmerman, together to establish Zim&Zou, a French studio based in Nancy, France. Lucie, born in the Vosges in 1987 and Thibault in Paris in 1986, met each other while undergoing a three-year graphic design course that included design, publishing, …