Artist Duo Are Delighting Art Lovers With Their Amazing Paper 3D Art Installations

It was probably their common interests that brought these two French artists, Lucie Thomas, and Thibault Zimmerman, together to establish Zim&Zou, a French studio based in Nancy, France. Lucie, born in the Vosges in 1987 and Thibault in Paris in 1986, met each other while undergoing a three-year graphic design course that included design, publishing, …

This Photographer Celebrates Life By Depicting Different Ways To Die An Unnatural Death In Public Places

Stephanie Leigh Rose is certainly fascinated by death, for why in the world would she take all the trouble to pose in grotesque poses that a person can die in. And for the viewers, this is certainly no laughing matter. It actually makes us shudder to think of the possibilities of lying dead in any …

This Illustrator Sketches Exact Replicas Of Buildings That Are Difficult To Distinguish From Their Photographs

This beautiful artist doesn’t need picture postcards of places she visits, she draws them herself by hand! She’s Velly Miller, born and raised in Moscow, Russia, who has an immense liking for illustrations, architecture, and travel. Her illustrations of monuments and buildings are so intricately detailed they are hard to distinguish from actual photographs.