American Woodcarver Creates Incredible Wooden Furniture

Jillian Post, who showcases her stunning woodcarvings on her website and on her Instagram page, is certainly a master of her craft. Whether it is furniture design, furniture building, fine art, or woodcarving, she is adept at all.

Jillian, based in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, is rooted in the traditions of the Adirondacks with generations of ancestry from the Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Mountains. She always possessed a keen interest in the indigenous arts and furniture of the North Country.

Jillian credits her passion for carving to her artistic family, who had been building unique and artful furniture in the Adirondack rustic genre. Since her father was a cabinet maker, a job he had been doing for the last three decades, it was no surprise that Jillian followed in his footsteps by becoming a woodcarver. Although her carving skills come from her father, her creative genes come from her artistic mother, who contributes to the designs. It is the combination of these that makes her creations truly unique.

Jillian went on to study studio art and environmental science and fell in love with nature. This is clearly reflected in all her works. Each and every piece she handcrafts is always one-of-a-kinds, both in design and form. In all her works, her passion is quite apparent. And why not? Her love for nature and formal botanical training influences her accurate renderings of plants and animals in her works. Even though she hails from Adirondack, her carving style is very much akin to that of the Old World European.

Those interested can commission Jillian, who promises to turn their ideas into their desired products. They can either give a totally new idea or have a look at completed projects for inspiration. Once she receives the idea, she draws it and gets it approved. Once approved, she begins to work on it in her workshop. The commissioned piece she creates certainly turns out to be a collectors’ item!

Jillian’s works have been exhibited in Adirondack Experience Museum and she has also received many awards for her creations.

Jillian Post

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