Wood Artist Creates Lifelike Handcrafted Wooden Sculptures

If you happen to view the incredible handcrafted wooden sculptures of Davide Holzknecht from a distance, you’d certainly have to come near to confirm if it’s really wood, and not some fabric or other material…so realistic are his creations!

From his childhood, Davide was passionate about art. Born in Bormio, northern Italy, he spent his childhood in Sondalo, Italy, and did his schooling from a high school in Val Gardena, the picturesque valley in northern Italy from where he passed out at the age of 18.

Davide’s inspiration to pursue wood carving came from his father, a carpenter, and professor of sculpture. Working with him, enabled him to hone his skills in wood sculpting. However, it was in high school that he received full encouragement to develop his creativity and pursue artistic education and professional training. So, it wasn’t surprising that he enrolled in a professional school for artistic crafts in Ortisei in South Tyrol, Italy, the world cradle of the art of sculpture and craftsmanship.

After earning the certificate as a craftsman worker at the end of his apprenticeship, he went on to obtain the Specialization Diploma of Wood Carver and added a Specialization Diploma of Wood Sculptor, after clearing his second specialization exam. Always curious and ready to acquire new knowledge and experiences, he further added to his craft by training in the Ladin Valley. The Atelier Buornillat Sculpture in Paris provided him with an opportunity to enrich his sculptural skills and taught him to use new techniques and composite materials.

The handmade wood sculptures of this young and promising sculptor have been exhibited in the most important design houses in Italy and around the globe, such as Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, and also at Vinitaly, an international wine competition and exposition held annually in the Italian wine region of Verona in northeast Italy.

Davide Holzknecht

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