Visiting Japan’s 2D Café is Like Stepping into a Comic Book

If you take a look at the interiors of this Japanese café, you may mistake it for a black and white comic illustration on a 2D plane. Not for nothing has the owner named it 2D Café. Such is the optical illusion of this eatery that it makes the real 3D settings look like a flat illustration. People visit this café not only for the delectable fare but also to admire the unusual interior design.

Located in the Shin Okubo district of Tokyo, Japan, this café is set in a décor that is completely white, whether it is on the floor, on tables, or on chairs. What’s more, the flower pots, cushions, and curtains are really just drawings on the walls. The monochrome furniture is outlined in black, providing a comic-like contrast to the white background, much like sketch lines seen in black and white comics.

The contrast of colors that one gets once the vividly colored food and drinks are placed on the table appears most alluring. The colors of the fare simply pop up against the white background. The whole setting appears surreal and something out of a comic book.

This is not all, the fare is also something to marvel at. You can try out patbingsu Korean-style shaved ice desserts that boast seven different flavors – strawberry, banana, azuki (sweet red beans), and a few more. Sample the strawberry shaved ice dessert, which is made by first freezing creamy milk, then slicing it extra thin into a bowl, instead of just pouring syrup over plain ice. Besides ice desserts, the café offers a full range of teas, coffees, and juices.

The 2D Café is a true reflection of the Japanese obsession with comic books and other animated characters. Getting a 2D experience in our 3D world is something that makes this café a must-visit for locals and outsiders alike. It comes as no surprise that this café is making waves on the internet and attracting guests in droves.

So, if you feel like stepping into a comic book, 2D Café is where you should head for Tokyo.

2D Cafe



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