Russian Felt Artist Creates Fairytale Handbags Displaying Cute 3D Animals

Felting is one of the oldest forms of textile art. It involves matting, condensing, and pressing woolen fibers together. Of course, this technique is not easy, since it involves moving the felt fibers back and forth, using the many sharp barbs on the needle, pulling the fibers in, and locking them into place.

Akhmedshina Olga, a Russian felt artist, has taken this art to the next level. She creates fairytale handbags that are so cute and cuddly that one simply wants to own one. This outstanding and self-taught felt artist takes her inspiration from nature and creates adorable lifelike felt animals.

Olga combines her love for nature to create handbags with soft and cuddly animals. She describes her method as ‘painting with wool’, in which she uses a felting needle to apply layers of fur-like felt fibers to create animals and backgrounds. Each piece is packed with details, making the animals appear almost life-like.

Olga takes special care to create her felt animals. For instance, her 3D felted fox is made by painstakingly poking layers of wool with a needle until the fibers gradually compact and form into solid shapes. She takes special care to place lifelike glass eyes. Finally, she adds and trims each unique marking as she goes.

Olga has certainly mastered the art of felting. She uses the amazing versatility and durability of the wispy and colorful fibers to create her fairytale handbags. For her, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the felt art.

Felt Artist Akhmedshina Olga

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