‘Broken’ Furniture Of Retired Cabinet Maker Is Getting People Totally Awestruck

At first glance, it seems someone has dropped a wooden dresser from the floor above and it has cracked up in the middle. But a closer inspection reveals this cracked up piece is meticulously handcrafted to look this way. And despite it looking beyond repair, it’s fully functional!

These weird wooden items are the handiwork of Henk Verhoeff, a retired cabinet maker from Auckland, New Zealand. He has mastered the unique art of making dressers appear smashed, but completely usable. It isn’t surprising, this amazing cabinet maker has honed his skill in woodworking for 53 long years. And it has now become his hobby and passion.

What Verhoeff does is certainly not easy. And it’s not just the 80 to 100 hours that he spends in making each piece, but the precise art of woodcraft, not to mention oodles of patience, knowledge, and use of the right tools that makes his items one-of-a-kind. However, he’s quite possessive about his creations and has not put them up for sale yet. According to him, he created them for the pure love of it. The reason why his furniture is not seen in shops.

Verhoeff’s creations went viral online when his daughter, Linda, shared his creations with fellow woodworkers in their Facebook group. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, she even created a Facebook page dedicated to his weird furniture. Although he jokingly describes his broken furniture as creations of his ‘twisted brain’, it totally blows away the minds of his viewers.

See Some of his mind-blowing creations in the below images:

Henk Verhoeff: Facebook

h/t: Boredpanda

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