African Artist Creates Stunning Works of Art by Woodburning

African Artist Creates Stunning Works of Art by Woodburning

Artists use various tools to express their creativity, some of which certainly astound us. One such artist is Alexander Peter Idoko, a Nigerian artist, who has mastered the art of Pyrography. If you are wondering what that is, it is simply writing or drawing with fire. He creates incredibly realistic ‘paintings’ on wood by means of fire!

Idoko was always passionate about art since his younger days. He tried different tools of art, such as pen, pastel, pencil, and the like but what caught his fancy was Pyrography. He mastered the skills entirely on his own and has received no formal training.

Idoko creates his art on a wood canvas and uses a blowtorch to give dark shades by burning the desired portions of the canvas. He then uses sandpapers and razorblades to lighten the shades on the burned portions. He uses charcoal for infusing minute details, such as water droplets, and the like. In some of his works, he also resorts to hyperrealism. His works of art are masterpieces and it is difficult to believe that they have been created by burning, sanding, and scraping wood!

Pyrography Art On Wood Using Only Fire & Razorblades

Through his art, Idoko portrays the challenges faced by Black people in Africa and other parts of the world. His art brings the Black people into the limelight by touching upon sensitive issues affecting the Black community. He explains on his website, “These artworks are created to lend voice to all who lack the power to speak in the public domain about sensitive issues that affect humanity.”

Idoko’s art has been exhibited in Omenka Gallery in Ikoyi in Lagos State, Nigeria; Moniker art fair in New York, USA; Commonthread exhibition in London, UK; Context Art Miami Fair; and many more. He has also been conferred with the ‘Award of Excellence in the 2016 Benue Youth Choice Awards.

Idoko states on his website, “My goal is a driving force that keeps me burning in the art to create meaning in diversity and to inspire the feeble minds of those who hunger for the true essence of existence as I connect them to nature and beyond.”

Alex Peter Idoko

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