Four-Year- Old Blue-Eyed Afro-American Twins Make Waves In The Fashion World

It is certainly difficult to believe that the progeny of an Afro-American couple would turn out to be blue-eyed with brown skin. This is exactly what their twins turned out to be … well, almost. One of the twins, Megan has two blue eyes, while the other, Morgan, has one blue eye and one dark brown eye!

These four-year- old twins from North Philadelphia are the latest discovery of the fashionistas. Although the twins dream of becoming princesses when they grow up, as of now, they are set to climb the ladder of success as the future super models.

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The blue eyes of the twins were not out of the blue; they were handed down to them. Their mother and grandfather have two blue eyes, while one of their uncles and a great grand aunt had one blue and one brown eye. The latter may appear abnormal, but according to an eye specialist, they are perfectly fine.

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Of course, the striking blue eyes against the brown skin is what sets them apart from other tiny twins their age. Their mother, Stephanie Boyd, realized this early enough and named them the ‘Trueblue Twins’. She has become the main driving force to propel them into the fashion world. People started noticing the twins when Deyonte Hunter, a Camden musician and tattoo artist, who enjoys 37,000 followers on Instagram and much more on Facebook, posted their pictures.

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The images received 2,000 likes in a day. There was no looking back for the twins from then on. Not only this, one Facebook user posted their picture collage video that was viewed more than 6.6 million times. This made celebrity social media sites, belonging to actress Megan Good and comedian DL Hughley, to feature them.

Is it any wonder that the Twins have already landed modeling assignments? They participated in a fashion show in Jacksonville, NC and have been scouted by celebrities like Yandy Smith, the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ reality star, Ray Ray, the band member of Mindless Behavior and Wendy Williams.

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The twins receive branded clothes of big brands on a regular basis for wearing and posing to publicize them on the social media. However, all this was being done for free. Now, the twins are set for a paid photoshoot in Toronto for a kids’ clothing line. This will be their first paid gig.

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Life for Megan and Morgan has certainly changed. Now, they can’t go outside without being recognized and their popularity keeps growing. The surprising part is the twins were never forced into modeling, it comes naturally to them.

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