LeopARTnik’s Photo Doodles With Animation Are A Big Hit With Viewers On Social Platforms

Leo calls himself LeopARTnik on Instagram and his claim to fame is making silly animated doodles. One look at his works and you’d know that he certainly has a very different take on doodling. But whatever he does, it makes people sit up and take notice.

Leo’s subjects are simple creatures, mostly birds, that he turns into performing artists on his videos. He manipulates them by adding components, like arms and legs, and makes them hold objects, such as musical instruments, placards, etc. His works convey his message that is both funny and thought-provoking. What’s most surprising is his works connect with the viewers.

Leo has this to say about his works on beacons.ai, “I make silly doodles. The reaction they produce in people is priceless. I upload my doodles first to YouTube and share them gradually across other social networks.” Some of his great doodle animations involve birds. The one with a bird with a mike singing and other birds accompanying on various musical instruments is one of his most adorable works. There are many more!

Although Leo grew up in Europe, he’s now based in the US. He started uploading his digital paintings and commission drawings on Instagram and they instantly went viral. On Instagram, he even reached a figure of 120,000 followers at one time. However, due to family responsibilities, he took a break from Instagram and his viewership dwindled to a paltry 30,000 in August 2019. According to him, most were just abandoned unused accounts.

Despite facing a hectic life of a family man, Leo planned a return, but in a new avatar. He was clear that he won’t do the same, but something different. It was then that he hit upon the idea of photo doodles with a bit of animation. Even though it was all new to him, he still wanted to do it for fun.


Leo’s confidence got a boost by the tremendous response his animation works received from people. In an email to awesombyte.com, he shares, “The reaction my animation produced in people were so overwhelmingly pleasant that I decided to continue to produce something silly that brings joy and smiles to people’s faces.”

Since then, there has been no looking back for Leo. His doodle animations can be seen on the YouTube channel. On Instagram, his viewership has grown to over 68,000 and counting.


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