Minimal Line Art of Israeli Artist Combines Art, Fashion and Photography

Shira Barzilay’s art is nothing but lines, either on canvas or superimposed on photos. It is a pure example of minimalistic art that always manages to convey something extraordinary.

This Israeli illustrator, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, incorporates a subtractionist methodology, in which she removes elements from her work until she reaches the initial draft that doesn’t consist of many lines. With this approach, she creates expressive line drawings. Says she on her website, “Minimalism is not about being economical, it’s about precision.” She adores Picasso and also shares his belief, ‘Art is the elimination of the unnecessary’.

From her childhood itself, Barzilay grew familiar with art at her aunt’s studio. Although she studied fashion design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design at Ramat Gan, Israel, she grew fascinated with illustration and visual design. She explored various avenues of self-expression and found minimalist art to be her calling. With this, she could say more by doing less.

Barzilay’s art came to people’s notice when she drew a digital portrait for a close friend as a wedding gift. She uses an iPad to create digital illustrations that can comprise simple lines or more elaborate ones, filled in multi-color shapes that impart a cubist appearance to his creations.

Barzilay went on to establish her own brand, Koketit, based on a French girl character, which has become the face of the company. Now it is not only Shira Barzilay art but an array of products that includes doodle art and Shira Barzilay clothing. She continues to promote Koketit by introducing a new product range of fashion catalogs, plates, illustrated maps, and what have you.

Barzilay’s art has gone her some top clients. She is collaborating with H&M for its denim range of jeans and has also collaborated with Amazon, Anthropologie, Chanel, and Facebook. Her products are popular in countries as far away as Afghanistan, Finland, and Mexico.

Barzilay has also featured in a number of magazines and websites, such as Forbes, The Tel Avivian, Style and Weddings, The Culture Trip, to name just a few. It comes as no surprise that she has a following of over 372,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Shira Barzilay

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