Hilden-Diaz Designed Chandelier Turns Your Room Into A Creepy Forest Scene

If you’re missing nature in the pandemic times due to the lockdown, you can now bring nature to your home! Thanks to Pio Diaz, an amazing artist, who has created a chandelier in collaboration with Thyra Hilden that, when lighted, throws its shadows on the walls of your living space that gives a feeling of sitting in the forest, surrounded by nature.

This incredible chandelier, aptly named ‘Forms of Nature’, is nothing but a bundle of white tangled branches that cast a shadow on the walls to give the feel of trees and foliage. Since the chandelier is placed in the center of the room, it casts the shadows of the branches all around – on the walls, ceiling, and floor.

The jumble of branches is arranged in a haphazard way to look unruly, the reason why the shadows cast appear like gnarled trees that give a creepy feeling of sitting right in the middle of a forest. The totally different effect of this remarkable chandelier can be had by dimming the lights. The shadows turn into a weak fire burning deep in the heart of the jungle.

Andreea Vlad, who did an internship with Diaz, describes what an incredible artist he is in her blog: andreeavlad.com. Says she, “He’s a passionate man and a captivating artist, who draws inspiration from nature and our connection to it…” Little wonder his creation of the chandelier really depicts Mother Nature in all her glory.

The artistic duo of Hilden and Diaz is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The men at Pio Diaz Gallery and have worked together till 2011. Vlad informs us of their other works through her blog. These include ‘The City of Fire’, a video installation that involved setting famous monuments virtually ablaze, and ‘Bubble’, an artistic attempt to preserve a soap bubble forever.

Vlad quotes Pio Diaz in her blog, thus, “For many years, we’ve used our work to question cultural structures through destructive forces such as a fire. Lately, our interest has shifted to the opposite pole, that is, how to preserve the most fragile things despite all odds.” By this, he meant ‘Forms of Nature’.

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