Move Over Origami, Book Folding Is The New Fad That This Amazing Artist Is Promoting

Most of us are familiar with origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, where you take a piece of paper and fold it into various shapes creating birds, animals and what have you. In origami, you work with a separate sheet of paper. But can you ever imagine folding pages of a book without tearing or cutting them out and create something amazing popping out of the book covers? Difficult to believe, isn’t it?

Well, here’s an artist called Yuto Yamaguchi (D. Hinklay), a self-professed king of book folding. He claims to be the only book folding artist among paper artists. Like in the traditional origami, he too never cuts pages to create his figures.

Hinklay’s size of creations depends upon the number of pages in the book. This calls for keen imagination and visualization that he possesses in plenty. Such neat is the work of this lover of WWE, music and energy drink that it befuddles the mind. Take for instance his creation in which he folded a 620-page book to simply read ‘Read’. It was his way of asking his followers whether they love reading.

So, does he read the books that he folds? Well, he never gets a chance to read them all. Says he, “Just because I fold books doesn’t mean I don’t love books.” Actually, he’s an avid reader, but devotes a majority of his time in folding book pages and creating incredible pieces of art.

This passion for folding book pages started out as fun. However, at present Hinklay is doing it full time. Says he, “I usually spend all day folding a book, listening to music. Music makes me happy and creative.” It was not long before he realized the value of his gift and decided to go commercial. His creations are put up on his website for sale, where he keeps including his latest works. He also sells patterns and finished books.

It comes as no surprise that he enjoys a fan following of over 40,000 on Instagram alone. And his works sell like hotcakes on his website.

Yuto Yamaguchi / D. Hinklay

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