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Amazing Makeup Artist Possesses Incredible Skills To Turn Herself Into Famous Personalities

Remember the times, how we used to get thrilled when spies changed their identities by changing their appearance. Alas, those days are now almost passéd. However, here is a makeup artist who is reviving this art by transforming herself into celebrities and famous characters through sheer makeup skills.

Meet Promise Tamang, a Los Angles makeup artist, who has such mastery over her art that she is able to turn into any famous personality. She loves to experiment with her art and has taken up this hobby some seven years ago.

Although Tamang wants to be known as a ‘normal girl who loves makeup’, her social media following reveals her real celebrity status. On Instagram she has a million followers and her YouTube tutorials have garnered a following of over five million.

These tutorials, available on her YouTube channel with the handle dope2111, are a rage because Tamang shows the whole process of transforming into world’s most notable celebrities.

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Hailing from Nepal, Tamang maintains that she is not a professional makeup artist and her Facebook page even states that she is ‘purely self-taught’. However, it is difficult to believe this claim seeing her skillful application of makeup and her cosmetic artistry.

Using standard cosmetics, a few deft strokes and dollops of imagination, Tamang is able to transform herself into super celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and other celebrated women. However, she doesn’t limit herself to women celebrities, but has also done effective impressions of Michael Jackson, rapper Drake and others.

Tamang’s expertise lies not only in the art of imaginative makeup, but also in her amazing ability to step into the persona of her subjects that makes her transformation look so real. There is little doubt that this Nepalese is set to reach for greater heights.

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Image Via: Promise Tamang

Promise Tamang


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