App That Turns Photo Into Digitally Painted Art Using AI

We have all had our share of using apps and our feelings about them remain generally mixed. But here is an app called ‘NewProfilePic’ that is captivating to get people hooked. It has hit the number one spot on Apple Store and continues to be lapped up by one and all.

So, what is this app all about? It turns you into an artist, enabling you to convert any standard photo into a painting or a cartoon. All you have to do is to upload the photo and choose a style to turn it either into a painting or a cartoon. This done, you can share it immediately on social media.

The app basically uses AI technology that helps transform the photos into stylized portraits that appear to be digitally painted. You can not only hand paint the pic but its background too. The real value of this app lies in making the portrait look much more appealing than the original pic. For example, in your portrait, you can soften your features and add glow to make the skin look younger than it actually is!

Created by a mobile development group called Informe Laboratories, Inc. and copyrighted by Linerock Investments Ltd., registered in Moscow, Russia, people use it to convert their own photos into works of art and also of their favorite celebrities. The end result is always aesthetically appealing. And the best part is this app is absolutely free to download.

However, there is a downside to it too. The app needs to capture photos in high resolution and store them in its data bank for transforming them into works of art through AI technology. It also needs information on your location and the details about your device and photos on social media. Cyber security experts advise all to be careful with their sensitive data.

newprofilepicapp – Best Photo To Art App



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