This Self-Taught Dress Designer Is Among The Best In The Field

It was quite natural for Sarah Hambly to fall in love with music since her father was a musician. She proved a good musician, creating her own soundtracks. However, as a 16-year-old, she got smitten by photography and began snapping pictures of the community around her with her first camera.

But it was style, fashion, art, and culture that proved irresistible for Hambly. And this talented artist set out to explore other avenues of art, film, and fashion design as a teenager. She chose to pursue dress designing without any formal training, save what she learned from her mother and from YouTube videos.

It was Hambly’s passion, diligence, and determination that saw her creating stunning dresses. And soon she was getting work. She was chosen to design a dress for Fallon Taylor, the world champion barrel racer, participating in Nationals Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, USA. Not only this, she became a finalist in 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show and Reality Television Show on Amazon Prime.

Even New York Times praised her couture design and compared it to those of Lee McQueen and Dior. Film producers, such as Bryan Fuller, recognized her as a talented fashion designer. She came to the notice of the world when she posted her 2020 dress creations on Twitter. Her works went viral and received thousands of likes in just a week!

This self-taught fashion designer, in an interview to Bored Panda, explains how she goes about designing, “Once I have a clear design in my head, I usually work on figuring out how to execute it and what materials I should use, and then go about building it from memory. Sometimes, when I know the project will take a while, I’ll sketch out the design first and put it aside until I’ve more time to figure out how to make them.”

Despite all this figuring out, Hambly usually takes between a day and two weeks to complete her dresses; some may even take months depending upon the complexity of the design. And she has been at it for the past four years. She enjoys a viewership of over 250,000 on Instagram alone.

Sarah Hambly

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