Talented Dress Designer Dad Creates Disney Costumes And Gowns That Sell Like Hot Cakes

It all began when Nephi Garcia, a talented designer and a father of three, posted a video of his daughter, Lili, wearing his signature ‘transformation dress’. The video showed his six-year-old daughter ‘transforming’ her Belle’s blue and white dress from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ into a yellow ball gown. In no time, the video went viral on the internet, bringing this dress designer into the limelight.

Garcia creates dresses and Disney costumes of such exquisite beauty that they can give a stunning look to anyone wearing them. His extensive repertoire includes ballgowns, puffed skirts, dresses with crystals and beads, and much else. Some of his fans have even rated his Disney outfits better than the originals seen in the movies. Little wonder he’s called the king of the corset.

Although Garcia found fame for his magical transformation princess dresses, he’s passionate about designing all kinds of dresses, be it a wedding dress, cosplay costume, Disney-inspired couture, or anything connected to fashion designing. He’s good at what he does due to the training he received while working in high-end fashion.

Garcia took the decision to branch out on his own and open his own business after the Fairy Godmother costume, which his daughter wore to Disneyland, instantly became famous. He immediately created his Instagram account as ‘Designer Daddy’ and shared the photos of his costumes and gowns. The very next day he received 10 orders!

Garcia soon established his ‘Designer Daddy’ shop, where he designs and sells costumes. His creations are so famous that he’s booked with orders for more than a year! He showcases his full range of clothes in his Etsy shop, on his Instagram page ‘Designer Daddy’ and on his website: designerdaddystudio.com.


So, what’re Garcia’s personal favorites? Although he’s quite proud of his custom Snow White gown and a stunning Mulan costume, his all-time favorite remains the emerald green wedding dress with embellished segments.

Garcia’s dresses are not cheap and the price tags can burn a hole in the pocket. For example, his made-to-order costumes for kids sell in the range of $500 and adult gowns are around $1,000 and can go up as high as $1,800. One of the reasons for this steep pricing is due to the fact that he sources his material from Europe.

The popularity of Garcia’s creations can be gauged from his Instagram page that has a mammoth following of 486,000 fans and counting.

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Good morning guys! Found this old photo of lili from when she was 6 and can’t believe my kids are growing up so fast! I’ve been spending my morning snuggling my 9 month baby boy and realizing that someday he will also grow up and before you know it, they’re making their own choices! What can I do as a parent to help them pick the right path for them? Nothing. We can’t. They have to do that on their own. But the best thing we can do is pick the right path for ourselves. Follow your dreams, be a good person, serve others. You may not be able to pick their destiny, but you can pick your own, you can be a legend to them. An example of bravery, kindness, ambition, and love. . Have a great sabbath! . #designerdaddy #parenting #disney #disneyland #elenaofavalor

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