This Museum In Japan Has A Large Collection Of Human Face Rocks

As a kid, we see many things that look like a face and make fun of our friends with that. But did you really thought that there could be a museum-like that? Not of all Objects, but only stones, This Odd museum in Chichibu, Japan, is the only one of its kind that collects rocks that look like faces. The Rock Museum named Chinsekikan to have over 1700 rocks and each rock in this Museum looks like a Face.

According To Kotaku, There are various stones that look like celebrity faces. From ET to Finding Nemo And even Jesus is also included in the list.

This Museum was started by the late Shozo Hayama who passed away in 2010. By Dedicated 50 years of his life, he collected all these stones which are now Curated by His Wife Yoshiko Hayama.

Via: ThisisColossal

With Over 1700 Rocks This Rocks Museum Is One Of It’s Kind.

This Japanese Rock Museum Is Dedicated To Rocks That Look Like Faces.

With Over 1700 Stones 900 of them are face rocks.

This Unusual collection is now featured on many Japanese TV Programmes Nationwide.


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