Photo Artist Puts His Signature Creative Touch To Photographs To Make Them Unique

Lân Nguyen uses 1995 (probably his birth year), written as 19.XCV, as his name on Instagram. He’s an expert at editing photographs, especially sunset clouds and the moon. His manipulated pics look simply amazing. Little wonder they’ve gone viral on social media.

According to Nguyen, it all started when he began posting sunset photos, snapped by his phone, and uploading them on social media after editing them in his own unique style. It wasn’t surprising that his one-of-a-kind creative photos soon became a rage. Being passionate about photography and editing, he came up with creative images that no one had ever seen before.

Although Nguyen started with capturing photos on his phone, he soon acquired a real camera. His favorite subjects are sunset clouds and the moon. It’s really fascinating to see the innovative ways in which he uses the moon and the clouds in his compositions.

Some of his iconic works include ‘Moon Rose’ and ‘Mooncake’. In the former, he aligned the moon on a rose stalk, replacing the flower with the white orb of the moon. In the latter, he did the same with a cupcake.

He states on his website, “I always try to find beauty and uniqueness in common scenes or objects, this results in images that you probably know me from like the cloud, the moon rose or cloud heart.” According to him, he gets his ideas by staring at the evening and night skies and photographing them. Rest of the time he spends ideating non-stop on how to edit the photos creatively.

Nguyen is popular on Instagram and enjoys a viewership of over 104,000 followers. According to him, he starts on something only if he can give his hundred percent. It certainly shows in his works.

Lân Nguyen

Website | Instagram | Youtube

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