17-Year-Old Creates Anatomically Correct Animal Drawings Completely From Memory

This artist rekindles the belief in miracles, for how can a two-year-old, who’s barely able to hold a pen, get so passionate about drawing that by the age of 15, he’s able to hold six solo exhibitions of his works! This incredible artist is Dušan Krtolica.

Hailing from Serbia, this artist is clearly in love with the natural world, since almost all his creations are nature-themed. Although there are many artists drawing birds and animals, what sets him apart is the fact that he draws these creatures in their exact likeness completely from memory. For this feat alone, he should find a pride of place in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! However, he did get a chance to illustrate an encyclopedia, when he was only 13.

The diversity of the animal kingdom captivates this 17-year-old artist and reproducing these birds and animals, both living and extinct, and even mythological ones give him immense pleasure. Says he on awesomeinventions.com, “Drawing is my greatest passion and I find my inspiration in nature. I’m mostly fascinated by animals and their greatest diversity, as well as, their amazing ability to adapt to living in many different environments.”

Krtolica devotes a few hours every day to drawing his creatures. He enjoys it since he treats drawing as a game. But how he draws his subjects completely from memory, he shares with Bored Panda, “I already have a picture of the animal that I want to draw in my head, so I don’t have to look at its picture when I’m drawing it.”

Although Krtolica doesn’t remember the first animal he drew, his parents remember it to be a whale. All of his creations are in black and white since he uses only pencils or black pens. He documents his works on his Facebook page and blog, and also makes his presence felt on various websites.


Dušan Krtolica

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