Russian Wool Artist Creates Adorable Miniature Felted Wool Animals

Nastasya Shuljak’s animal figurines and other creatures made of felted wool look oh-so-adorable. This is because, this Russian wool sculptor, based in Moscow, understands her subjects well and is aware of the potential of felted material. So, it isn’t surprising to find the felted figures of foxes, hares, polar bears and other creatures in her collection, all of them vying with each other for attention. Not only this, her plants that sprout from the heads of smiling trees, etc. are equally impressive.

Shuljak, a former theater artist and art teacher, always wanted to create things that bring joy to people. She commenced on this journey of creating miniature felted wool figurines on receiving some wool as a gift from her friends. Starting with a bear and a hare of felted wool, she continues to create newer animals. Although she does not consider her works fit for exhibitions, her creations do leave an impression.

Apart from what she creates with felted wool, Shuljak also teaches art in Moscow. She pursues her hobby in her spare time. So good is her work, she puts up her creations for sale on social media platforms. She had imbibed her love for animals when she was growing up in the countryside and spent a lot of time outdoors. Animals fascinated her and she began creating miniature woolen sculptures of whichever creature caught her fancy. Whatever she had absorbed during her youth, gets expressed in these felted critters.

Shuljak is inspired by nature and her animal figurines are delightful because she creates flawlessly. It’s certainly difficult to withhold a smile while looking at these gorgeous miniature figurines. So, you have a funny fox in saffron, a well-fed cat, a cute hare and other equally delightful creatures that never fail to melt the hearts of the viewers.

Over 50,000 followers in Shuljak’s Instagram page are testimony to her talents.

Nastasya Shuljak: Instagram

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