Illustrator And Author Brightens Children’s World With Her Outstanding Works

Lee Foster-Wilson describes herself as an illustrator, author, and maker of shiny things on Instagram, where she enjoys a following of over 40,000 fans. This multi-talented individual, who lives and works in Cornwall, UK, is no run-of-the-mill artist. In fact, her artistic prowess is such that she’s much sought after by magazines and publications.

According to Lee, she’s inspired by the rural and coastal landscapes. This is because she grew up surrounded by animals, riding ponies, and the sea. This rural setting left an indelible impression on her mind that she carries into her art. It’s the shape and colors of the natural world that inspire and influence all her works.

Although Lee’s first love is to render illustrations in marker pen, she’s equally adept at using digital tools. And it’s not only simple illustrations that she loves doing but also infusing her art with weird and wonderful celestial and mystical symbols.

Besides being an accomplished illustrator, she’s also an author. In 2017, she released her first book with Quarto, titled ‘Creative Marker Art and Beyond’. The book provides tips, tricks, and projects about making art using a marker pen. Her second book, released in 2019, titled ‘The Grown Up’s Guide to Making Art with Kids’, contains step-by-step tutorials for grown-ups to draw things that children like to see.

The good news is you can buy Lee’s works at Bonbi Forest, which include cards, posters, pins, enamel jewelry, and hand screen printed scarves. Such is the popularity of Bonbi Forest that it has been featured in numerous leading publications.

Lee Foster-Wilson
Lee Foster-Wilson – The Artist

Lee Foster-Wilson

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