By Painting Women In Traditional Attires Of Their Countries, This Artist Is ‘Turning Flags Into People

If you browse the emojis on your smartphone, in one of the sections you’ll find flags of various countries. However, these flags in themselves don’t depict the culture and tradition of that country. Enter Khermsart, a 20-year-old Italian artist, who portrays this in all its glory on her Instagram page.

Since women of a country portray its culture and tradition, Khermsart chose to paint them under the respective flags of their countries…one portrait per day. The result is an astounding collection of women portraits in their traditional dresses representing their countries. She has posted them on her Instagram page under the title ‘#turningflagsintopeople’.

That’s not all, Khermsart has made it even more exciting by her 5K GIVEAWAY, where the viewers are encouraged to post comments. Based on this, she chooses the three winners and awards them with her colored and black and white portraits.

Despite such spectacular works of art, Khermsart remains humble. On her Instagram page, she describes herself as a “Small artist who keeps on practicing to be a full-time artist one day”. In an email to, she also claims that “apart from my art, there’s nothing really interesting about me”.

Going by Khermsart’s pencil illustrations, it’s quite evident that she had been an avid doodler, doodling whatever she saw and imagined. Besides this, she loves playing videogames that inspire her designs and illustrations. What’s more, she claims that her creativity is boosted by videogames.

khermsart: Instagram

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