Malaysian Woodcarving Artist Weaves Magic By His Intricate Designs

The amazing woodcarving of Zarir Abdullah can be compared only to the intricate marble carvings found in monuments of yesteryears or in the royal wooden furniture of the Victorian era. Each piece that this Malaysian woodcarving artist creates is a masterpiece. This is because he’s passionate about what he does.

Of course, the level of woodcarving that Abdullah does is not easy. It involves many steps. The first step is sketching the patterns to be carved on a sheet of paper. The next step is to paste this pattern on to the piece of wood to be carved. The final step is to intricately carve out the pattern using specialized tools. It’s his artistic eye and his trained hands that tell him exactly how much force to apply on the wood for carving, so as not to break or fracture it.

Abdullah’s favorites are plants. He simply loves to carve out leaves and flowers. Such detailed are his carvings that he’s able to even bring out their most tender parts, such as the veins on leaves and delicate whorls of flowers. Among flowers, his favorites are roses and sunflowers. However, it’s his breathtaking sketches that enable him to carve so precisely by means of his specialized tools that include carbon steel chisels and knives of various sizes.

Abdullah’s work would’ve remained undiscovered had he not posted it on Instagram. Once he did so, there was no looking back. To date, he has received over 28,000 views and counting.

Zarir Abdullah: Instagram | Facebook

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