Portraits Appearing As Oil Paintings Are Actually Created In Pencil Colors

You may think portraits created by Jesse Lane are done in oil paints, but it may amaze you to know that all his works are in pencil colors. And it’s not only the variety of pencil colors he uses that’s impressive but the facial expressions he creates.

Lane’s portraits are a reflection of his struggles in life and he spectacularly expresses these in pencils colors. But why pencil colors? In an interview on drawpj.com, he explains, “…the world believes colored pencil is incapable, just as I used to believe I was incapable of anything significant. I want to prove that colored pencil is capable, that dyslexics are capable, and in a way, I’m still trying to prove I’m capable.”

Born in Houston, Texas, USA, Lane doesn’t have many fond memories growing up as a child. In school, her art teacher told him that he was the worst in his class and undermined his self-confidence no end. Despite this, he took up art with the support of his dad, a former graphic artist. He put in immense hard work to reach where he’s today.

Although Lane studied animation at Texas A&M University, he wasn’t interested in making it a career. He started turning his animation assignments into drawing ones with the resolve to walk his own path. As he grew better at what he did, it became difficult for him to leave it. At times he’d sit in marathon drawing sessions…one even lasting 61 hours!

Lane’s portrait ‘After the Storm’ appeared on the cover of The Artist’s Magazine with the caption “Colored Pencil Cracks the Fine Art Ceiling”. His portraits have gone on to win many prestigious awards. His online fan following is growing stronger by the day. The good news is his works can be ordered through RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York, USA.


Jesse Lane: Instagram

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