Fashion Trendsetter Creates Dresses with Safety Pins

Of course, we all know what a safety pin is used for and there is hardly anyone who has not used it. But here is an artist who creates dresses out of it! Meet Tonje Halvorsen, who has become a fashion trendsetter by using safety pins in ways that really boggle the mind.

This Swedish artist, who possesses a keen sense of fashion, is certainly making heads turn in a big way. She has perfected the art of creating fashion using only safety pins. She not only creates fashion accessories with the help of safety pins but full dresses too. What’s more, each and every safety pin dress of hers is unique and absolutely wearable.

Halvorsen, who studied to become a graphic designer, is from Stockholm, Sweden. It was her love for art and sculpture that introduced her to safety pins and led her to use them as a form of creative expression. Although one might think she is quite a safety pin dress designer, surprisingly she is not. In fact, on, she says, “I don’t see myself as a fashion designer. Actually, I hate fashion. I see it more like artwork or sculpturing; it’s avant-garde. I love the safety pin.”

Hers is certainly a back-breaking job. One of her collections of 21 garments took a total of 7,000 hours to complete. For this, she used around 500,000 safety pins and 1,500,000 beads. But she continues to create them at the cost of her job, relationships, health, and her most valuable possession, time. And this has certainly taken a toll on her in the past several years.

It will not be wrong to say that she is kind of obsessed with safety pins. She feels guilty when she is not working with them. What’s more, Tonje Halvorsen’s safety pin obsession also affects her sleep, as her mind is always consumed by safety pin thoughts. Despite this, she continues to be in love with this time-consuming work of art/ fashion.

The only thought that her safety pin dresses leave in the minds of her viewers is, “Is it safe to sit with this dress on!”

Tonje Halvorsen

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