South African Magician and Illusionist Enthralls All with Mind Blowing Magic

There is something fascinating about magicians that always gets you wide-eyed with wonderment. Although during the course of your life you may have seen many magic tricks being performed, here is a magician whose magic is simply mind-blowing. He is Wian Van Den Berg, popularly known as Wian.

You just need to watch his videos to know the kind of magic tricks this illusionist can perform. Take his bottle trick, for instance, he takes a cellphone from a passerby on the road and holds it against the bottle. And lo and behold, the cellphone disappears from his hands and appears inside the bottle, and that too in a matter of seconds! What’s more, he even hands over the bottle to the viewer to confirm it is actually inside the bottle.

Whenever he is asked, “How do you do it? His counter-question is, “Can you keep a secret?” The reply is obviously a yes and his tongue-in-cheek retort is, “So can I.”

What pushed Wian to become a magician was a magician he saw performing tricks on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was so captivated by it that he tried figuring out the tricks for himself and became a self-taught professional magician.

To hone his craft, this magician, who was born in South Africa, studied the material of some of the best illusionists in the world. He came to media attention when he participated in South Africa’s Got Talent as a contestant. After this, there was no looking back for him, as he became famous and started posting his magic videos on social media.

Just have a look at the kind of popularity Wian enjoys. He has over 741,000 viewers on Instagram, but that is nothing, he has a whopping 14.7 million followers on TikTok. His unique brand of street magic truly rocks.


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  1. Every time you watch a magician, you are filled with wonder. The blog describes a mind-blowing magician and also his few magic tricks as well as how he became involved in magic.

    There’s always something fun about watching magic. I appreciate you sharing this blog with us, it’s amazing.

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