Lack of Hands and Legs Isn’t Stopping This Young Child

Faith in humanity is again restored by this heart-warming video. Brutal as it comes, this video softened the heart of the netizens. More and more people are watching this toddler with no hands and legs help pacify his crying baby brother.

People blame onions, as usual, and a fly getting into their eyes for tearing up. But we all know what has exactly made them cry. While they are at it, they curse the universe for doing this to an innocent child.

It’s obvious that it took the child a lot of effort to do the simple task. The wriggling alone to get closer to his brother would have mobilized most of his upper-body muscles. He used the remainder of his arm and his mouth to pick up the pacifier and give it to his brother.

We could not know whether he wanted to make his brother quiet because he wanted to sleep or if he longed to comfort him. What is important is that in the end, he was successful.

People are wondering why he has this condition. One has asked if it is because of smoking during pregnancy or a result of a rare disease. As of now, there are still no answers. One thing is for sure, though. What he lacks in appendages, he makes up with heart, instincts, and plain determination.

The short video has made people cry rainbows, but it isn’t really just about sugar, spice, and everything nice. Jokes are also thrown in. Comments about this toddler being the next cyborg or android and how badass he is filling the comment section.

A lot of suggestions have been thrown in as well. This includes the giving the child a 3D-printed robot arms with guns. Who knows? Someday, he may really become bionic. As of now, let’s hope that circulating the video around the internet will inspire a kind-hearted person to help the child out.

Via: Imgur

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  1. How heartwarming! That child will be going through so much more difficulties. Let’s hope he can overcome all of them, too.

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