Redefine Your Curves With Squiggly Brows & Lips

The internet is again challenging ladies to enhance their curves; and no, this has nothing to do with the waist, hips, and thighs. This one emphasizes more on the face. It took Instagram by storm this week starting with the brows and now the lips!

People have been obsessed with being creative with the brows and while the Fibonacci accurate filled in brows are still the “in” thing, squiggly brows are making a stand. Whether they were DIY with washable glue and concealer or graphically modified, squiggly brows photos were popping out like mushrooms in this social media network late August.

Image Via: Twitter

Like other 2017 beauty trends, this has been called “bizarre” and “wild”. It was both embraced and rejected by the online mass, some even going the extent of going on Instagram for a while. Just after a couple of days, this trend has trickled down to the lips.

Image Via: Twitter

The squiggly or wavy lips first came out when cosmetologist YouTuber Lexington posted a FaceTune edited photo that made her lips apparently look like the Nickelodeon logo as described by a few. What came out as a joke turned into reality when she started pulling lipsticks out and creating art on her lips. Other beauty influences tried the look on and tweaking it to suit their tastes until it evolved into a trend.

Image Via: looks_by_lexington

Similar to its predecessor, it received both love and hate. This look might be too much at first sight but what’s not today? It may not be for all ages but for a certain group, this look would definitely give your face edge and make it look more interesting.

Image Via: Twitter

We couldn’t say if this will eventually go or be the new normal but it posts two challenges. One is whether you would try this look and pull it off or not; while the other would be tolerating to look at those brave enough to put this one on.

Via: Mashable

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