Remember Tinder’s Poo Guy? He Now Has Tons of Money and a Second Date

You probably still remember Liam Smith and his date. No?

Smith and this anonymous lady were having a great night at his apartment while watching Louis Theroux when she excused herself for the loo. After a moment or two, the lady broke the gravest news to him– her shit wouldn’t flush down the toilet.

She did not stand there and do nothing, however. In the panic, she tried to fix the situation. She wrapped her shit in toilet paper and threw it out the window. That should’ve fixed it, but architecture had different plans. According to Smith, his toilet window opened into a small gap separated by another window. So the shit didn’t land in an open space, but it was wedged between the windows!

To try to resolve this, she lifted the window lid and tried to reach for it with a plastic in hand. Since it is too far down, she had to climb in head first and was able to get the job done. She handed it to Smith, and he got rid of it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get herself out. They had to call the fire brigade for help. They were able to get her out at the expense of the bathroom window costing around £300.

Image Via: Go Fund Me

Since Smith was a postgraduate student, he didn’t really have the funds to get it fixed. A friend of his suggested using GoFundMe setting up a target of £200.

Delighting as it is, this story has now raised more than £2,000. Smith says that the excess will be given to two charities – one that supports firefighters and another that maintains flushing toilets.

Despite this date ending very differently, Smith confirms that he has scored another date with the lovely lady.

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Situations like this would’ve gone down the drain (pun intended) for most us, but the heavens opened and angels sang for Liam Smith and this infamous shit story.

On a normal date, the girl will have been able to tell a clean, good story on a drunken girls-night-out. However, Tinder dates don’t always go as you hope. Because of the turn of events, their date is now everyone’s story to share.

Via: Ladbible

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