Ceramic Heads and Figures by US Artist Rami Kim

Rami Kim is an artist and a ceramicist, who has made a name for herself for her handcrafted sculptural and functional ceramic objects. What’s more, her series called ‘Blobby’ is something unique that captures the moment of flowing in the form of clay.

Kim, who is currently based in Los Angeles in California, USA, and has her studio in Glendale in the state, studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts and UCLA. However, her love for ceramics made her change tracks. She started making little figurines of clay for fun and was so passionate about ceramics that she continues it to this day and how! Of course, her background in animation, specifically stop motion animation, helps in making her ceramic pieces more whimsical and animated.

Kim’s inspiration is nature and the organic shapes found therein. However, people and her own feelings also play a major role in her creations. For instance, she imagines ‘Blobby’, that is blob + baby, to be a living thing. And it is not only the whimsical pieces that she creates, she has developed a new line of home goods that include planters, vases, and lamp designs. In other words, she focuses both on handcrafted figurative and conceptual sculptures.

As far as Kim’s techniques to produce her designs are concerned, she uses techniques, such as slab building, pinching, coiling, and slip casting. But her favorite is the coiling method, which has been used for thousands of years. She builds most of her sculptures and sculptural vessels with this method since it helps her achieve soft and organic forms.

Kim has participated in a month-long art residency at Vermont Studio Center that gave a boost to her creativity. Within a month of this, she created a group of sculptures that she had in mind. This exposure also sharpened her focus on her future endeavors.

Of course, it is the joy that her works bring to people that motivates her to give her best. Her pieces are such that people want to touch, hold and look at. Little wonder her ceramic business is growing each year.

Rami Kim

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