American Biracial Beauty Influencer Displays Amazing Cosplaying Skills

Eleanor Barnes, who identifies herself as Snitchery on Instagram, was passionate about makeup when she was only in middle school. This passion soon turned this 23-year-old resident of North Virginia, USA into a beauty influencer. She would have remained undiscovered but for social media.

Being a half-black woman has its disadvantages and Barnes learned it the hard way. When she was in Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, majoring in Media Studies and Art History, she found it difficult to make friends due to her being biracial. However, she discovered social media and its ability to create connections and friendships.

It wasn’t long before Barnes began posting her aesthetically pleasing looks on Instagram, taking care of perfect lighting and solid background color tones at such a young age. Her looks and cosplaying soon became viral and turned her passing hobby into a full-time career. With growing popularity, she started making money and became completely financially independent, through her makeup looks, tutorials, and cosplaying.

For her snitchery cosplay, she posted her makeup looks that were inspired by animated characters. Instead of wearing full-blown cosplay outfits, she complimented her looks with her unique makeup style. She graduated from Instagram to YouTube by creating her own channel, where she began uploading her makeup tutorials. Her becoming an internet sensation motivated her to take an active part in cosplay, as a subculture of the beauty industry.

Barnes went on to create characters from Studio Ghibli and classic Disney princesses with a modern twist. She also started getting creative, like her ‘Sexy Waluigi’ look that features booty short overalls and a mustache. Besides these, she holds a special interest in anime, which she considers a sort of modern-day fairy tale. Not only did she become a beauty influencer, but she also went on to create her first merchandise collection that includes Snitchery clothes, beanies, hoodies, sweatpants, and dad hats inspired by Japanese lettering and designs.

Barnes has certainly changed cosplay for the better. Now more influencers are moving away from fully-covered, face-tuned selfies and rediscovering their natural faces’ beauty. Today, this makeup extraordinaire enjoys a viewership of a whopping 1.1 million on Instagram alone and counting.

Eleanor Barnes

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