Pottery Artist Suffering from Fibromyalgia Charms Her Viewers With Her Cute Ceramic Creatures

People suffering from debilitating diseases are generally forced to cut down on work and usually suffer from stress and anxiety. However, with Helen things were different. Suffering from fibromyalgia, an incapacitating condition that causes widespread muscle pain and tenderness that affects sleep, memory, and mood, she turned her focus on what she’d always been passionate about since childhood…her urges to create.

Helen started making beautiful ceramic animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes. She even gave her studio a cute name of ‘nosey mungo’. Today, her ceramic creations of animals are widely appreciated for their simplistic expressions.

Helen, as a child, was always attracted to creativity. She remained involved in art projects and was inspired by wildlife. She also lapped up David Attenborough’s documentaries and Aardman’s stop-motion clay animations techniques. At that time, she was convinced she’ll become the next Nick Park, the English animator best known for Wallace and Gromit, and others.

However, Helen couldn’t pursue her passion right away and ended up studying Geography with Biology at the university and following it up with masters in Biodiversity Surveying. This helped her land a job at the Sussex Wildlife Trust. This also introduced her to the incredible diversity of fauna.

Helen was forced to cut down her working hours when she got afflicted with fibromyalgia. This was a godsend of sorts since it helped her to turn her focus to pottery. After she took several pottery classes, she was totally hooked to it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Helen is happily settled in her home village of Cuckfield in Sussex, the UK as a Pottery Artist with her two adorable pet lurchers, where she creates her beautiful ceramic creatures and even sells them on her Etsy shop. Her creations figure on her website and on her Instagram page, where she enjoys a following of over 89,000 fans.

nosey mungo

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