Papercut Flowers Of This Paper Artist Could Pass For Real But For Their Tiny Size

Tania Lissova gives credence to the adage ‘small is beautiful’ by her intricately crafted tiny paper cutouts of flora that includes miniature flower baskets, bouquets, and flowering plants. And these delicate creations are not simple 2D paper cutouts, but several individual hand-cut pieces that are glued together to give an amazing 3D effect.

This Russian paper artist, who’s obviously in love with flora, creates a plethora of miniature blossoms, such as anemones, bluebells, chamomiles, daffodils, daisies, pansies, peonies, sunflowers, and many more, in such realistic details that they’ve to be seen to be believed. Besides, she also crafts tiny indoor houseplants, such as cacti, dragon trees, Ficus, palms, and other succulents in intricate details. She also places some of her blossoms and plants in her unique handcrafted miniature pots and woven baskets.

What makes Lissova’s paper cutouts so realistic is her exceptional paper cutting skills and color sense. She uses sharp precision cutters, blades, and scissors for her craft with such dexterity that it simply blows the mind! She uses paper of different shades of the same color and alternates them to give the effect of light and shade. Her work is not easy and she spends hours using these rudimentary implements to create a variety of extremely intricate nature-themed floral papercuts. Little wonder her work has gained instant recognition on the internet.

Lissova, who hails from Tyumen, Russia, has studied architecture and arts. She developed a passion for paper cutouts while modeling and creating illustrations on paper. Inspired by other artists, she tried her hand at crafting tiny 3D paper plants, using a micro style of paper cutting technique and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lissova’s works are on sale on her Etsy shop, where you can buy framed miniature plants pasted on white background. One of her popular floral compositions includes ‘Envelope Full of Wildflowers’ that consists of 13 unique paper flowers glued to an open envelope to give an appearance of an envelope overflowing with flowers.

Lissova has a sizeable presence on the internet. On Instagram alone, she has an impressive viewership of over 346,000.

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 1

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 2

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 3

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 4

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 5

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 6

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 7

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 8

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 9

Papercut Flowers Of The Paper Artist 10

Tania Lissova:

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