Makeup And Body Paint Artist Wins Laurels For Her Stunning Body Paint Illusions

Mirjana Milosevic was born with art in her blood and according to her parents, she learned to draw before she learned to walk! However, her journey in the art world had been most diverse, taking her from mural painting to makeup art and body painting. Today, she’s creating a storm with her outlandish creations.

This talented makeup artist from Serbia, who goes by the nickname, Kika, has gained immense popularity for her stunning body paint illusions. She runs Kika Studio, where her unique renderings are making her diehard clients crave for more.

It all started when Mirjana’s sister’s friend discovered how well she drew. He invited her to fill up his wall with murals of cartoon characters. What she did was something commendable and she was only 11 at that time! She not only wowed the viewers with her art but also felt a deep satisfaction in doing this. This helped her make up her mind to take art as a career.

At the time of Mirjana’s growing up, her country was in turmoil due to the war. In those difficult times, her parents, despite noticing her talents, couldn’t get her enrolled in an art school. However, she did not despair but honed her artistic skills by herself, utilizing her free time after school.

However, destiny had other things in store for Mirjana. After becoming a mother just three years after graduation, she immersed herself in mural art and became the most popular kid’s muralist in the country. During this time, she incurred a spinal injury in an accident but bounced back to continue doing what she was best at. She was also blessed with a second child.

The turning point in Mirjana’s career came when she completed a basic makeup course with special emphasis on special effects makeup and body painting. Such is her skill in her chosen field that people are left agape viewing her amazing illusions. She has won many honors and awards and has a following of a whopping 295,000 fans on Instagram alone at the time of writing this article.

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