There Are No Healthy Or Unhealthy Foods Says A Fitness Blogger And Foodies Are Just Lapping It Up

Are we really making a mountain out of a molehill by differentiating between healthy and unhealthy foods? Well, Mountain thinks so. We are talking about Lucy Mountain, a London-based blogger, who thinks that our idea of a healthy snack is totally distorted.

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This fitness blogger, who runs two accounts – The Fashion Fitness Foodie and theFFFeed – broaches upon the subject of healthy and unhealthy foods in her theFFFeed blog and emphasizes that there are no totally ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ foods. Most surprisingly, she stresses that junk food is not as bad as it is thought to be!

Mountain compares almonds with candy and says that the former is counted as healthy, while candy is termed unhealthy, whereas both contain the same amounts of calories. According to her, a handful of almonds is akin to eating a packet of Fruit Pastels candy.

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Healthy foods, according to her have more micronutrients, but this has really no bearing on the number of calories. She shows that salt and vinegar chips have actually fewer calories than veggie chips or regular strawberries have the same number of calories as dried ones.

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So, does Mountain mean that we can eat whatever we want? Unbelievably, her answer is yes. She really doesn’t care about healthy diet or restrictions, but champions moderation. For her fattening foods like ice cream are totally acceptable and don’t need to be eliminated from your diet, if you are aiming to look trim and slim, like the models. All she says is to eat it in moderation.

Says she, “Moderation is key and this will look different for different people depending on the person, their fitness goal and their lifestyle.” In other words, if you love peanut butter, don’t apply dollops of it on your toast, but exercise moderation. This way you will save on adding substantial calories to your body. 

For her, it is the excess of calories and not the type of food that causes weight gain. So, the culprit is not a single unhealthy food, but any food that is had in excess. Mountain gives the example of a chocolate bar that is deemed unhealthy. Says she, “Having a chocolate bar in a day of well-balanced meals and adequate micronutrients doesn’t suddenly make it unhealthy.” She gives the example of dark chocolate that is deemed healthier than milk, but it has more calories.

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According to her, even small changes in meal ingredients can make a big difference in calories. A food made with light cooking oil spray and beef containing five percent fat is much better than one with olive oil and beef containing 12 percent fat.

Mountain also warns against being taken in by misleading labels. She says, “Many companies will use buzz words like ‘low sugar’, ‘high protein’, ‘fat-free’. However, these labels don’t necessarily mean they’re going to be less caloric than the ‘normal’ version or any more conducive to your goal.”

Whatever be Lucy Mountain’s theory about healthy and unhealthy foods, it has certainly enthused food enthusiasts, giving one more excuse to them to justify junk food! Check more comparisons on her Instagram profiles.

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