The Pull-Ups Video Stunt Performed From A 62-Story Building Cost This ‘Rooftopper’ His Life

Fame extracts its price, so they say. This proved dreadfully true for Wu Yongning, 26, who plunged 62 floors to his death while doing pull-ups at the top of the Huayuan International Center in Changsha, the capital of Huan Province.

This young man was an internet sensation as China’s first ‘rooftopper’. He was doing what he did best, doing pull-ups at this dizzying height and filming this stunt.To record himself, he had placed his camera on another part of the building. Wu’s attraction for taking such a colossal risk was a tidy sum of 80,000 yuan ($12,000). And this was not the first time he was doing stunts of this kind.

But, alas, who was to know that this daring stunt would be his final. This physically fit lad lost his grip and frighteningly plummeted 45 feet below on the rooftop of another building. Later, his body was recovered by a window cleaner. Watch The Video Below.

What’s more heartbreaking was that Wu was due to ask the parents of his girlfriend, JinJin, for her hand in marriage. He had planned the bridal gift to her family worth whatever he earned from the video of this stunt.

Although Wu died on November 8, 2017, his family confirmed his death only a month later. This was because Wu’s fans had started wondering why no new videos of his stunts were being uploaded.Wu’s death has been declared an accident by the authorities, who ruled out foul play.

Certainly, a gory end to a promising stuntman.


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