The Exquisite Wedding Gowns Of This Intuitive Designer Have Become A Must-Have For Brides-To-Be

What happens when passion and love for business meet? Who better than Rebecca Schoneveld to answer it! This exceptional Brooklyn-based designer creates such exquisite wedding dresses that brides-to-be make a beeline to buy her dresses. Thanks to her entrepreneurial itch, she has made a business out of creating gowns.

Trendsetting Pretty Identical Twins Rule The Social Media

They’re identical, they’re 22-year-old, they’re beautiful and sexy to the core! Meet the twins, short for ‘Gülcanand Sahinur Twins’. These light-eyed pretty-young-things share April 30 as their birthday and Taurus as their zodiac sign. These German-born twins love showing themselves off and are fa fashionistas in their own right, always dressed in a fashionable way. …

The Chipko Movement, Offshoot Of Gandhian Passive Resistance, Saved Alaknanda Valley’s Forest Cover

March 26, 2018, marks the 45th anniversary of the Chipko movement. This is the movement that is hailed as a turning point in the conservation of forests in India. Google befittingly commemorated this movement by placing a colourful doodle on its homepage that depicted four women encircling a tree in a human chain. The Chipko …