The Art Of Lettering: How To Combine Hand Lettering & Photography

Stefan Kunz is a letterer, designer, and illustrator from Switzerland, who has an extraordinary talent for lettering, photography, and digital collage. He is also the author of two highly recommended books on the subjects of typography and comic art. we think you’re really going to enjoy this blog.

Stefan has always been passionate about graphic design and typography, but he didn’t realize how much he enjoyed combining photography with his love of lettering until recently.

He has developed his signature style, TYPO x PHOTO, through his wordscapes and as a result captured the attention of international clients while building a dedicated social audience.

In addition to collaborating with clients such as Porsche, Nespresso, Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Bombay Sapphire, LG & Microsoft Stefan is also an author: he has published two books: The Art of Lettering and You Are God’s Masterpiece.

Lettering and typography are beautiful forms of expression. Stefan’s enthusiasm for the two is quite evident in his words, which makes for an engaging reading experience that is also aesthetically pleasing.

This talented artist has been around the design world for several years now, and his work still impresses me. If you’re looking for something unique and dazzling, check him out.

Stefan Kunz – Creative Lettering

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