October 5, 2023

Artist Can Sun has redefined the concept of play, transforming everyday objects into extraordinary art pieces. His captivating apple sculptures challenge conventional views, demonstrating that an apple is not just a fruit, but a canvas for imagination and creativity.

The Apple: A Medium for Artistic Expression

Can Sun’s unique approach to apple sculptures is nothing short of astonishing. He meticulously carves red apples into intricate geometric cross-sections and linking chains, demonstrating unparalleled precision and craftsmanship. Each creation is a masterpiece, from delicate slices puzzled together to form circles, to the skin carefully removed to reveal interlocking, rope-like shapes, as if the apple is caught in a web​​.

Can Sun meticulously carving a red apple into an intricate geometric sculpture

Can Sun's completed apple sculpture, featuring delicate slices formed into a circle

More Than Just Playing With Food

Despite the playful nature of his work, Can Sun’s artistic journey is rooted in resilience and introspection. Having experienced a challenging childhood, he turned to humor as a protective shield for his self-esteem. This sense of humor is evident in his artwork, where he playfully reinterprets everyday objects into uncanny artworks​.

Choosing to focus on apples as his primary medium was a deliberate choice. Can Sun find that the unexpected arises from the ordinary? His apple sculptures serve to break the audience’s logical expectations, igniting a sense of wonder and questioning the absurdity of the world. The more everyday the object is, the more profound the shock when the audience sees its transformed state​.

Expanding the Canvas: Beyond Apples

Can Sun’s creative endeavors are not confined to apples. He also takes pleasure in transforming other everyday objects into unique artworks. One example is a wearable temporary sculpture made from dandelions that mimics the shape of brass knuckles. This showcases Can Sun’s ability to see beyond the ordinary and reimagine the world around him​.

Can Sun: A Rising Star in the Art World

Can Sun’s ingenuity has not gone unnoticed? His work will be featured in group exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai in the upcoming months, a testament to his growing influence in the art world. For those interested in following Can Sun’s artistic journey, updates can be found on his Instagram account​.

Can Sun’s apple sculptures invite us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, challenge our expectations, and appreciate the beauty of creativity. They serve as a reminder that art is not confined to traditional canvases but can be found in the simplest of everyday objects.

Stay tuned for more updates on Can Sun’s innovative artistry. His work is not just a feast for the eyes, but also food for thought, offering a fresh perspective on the world around us. Let’s celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary, and remember that with a dash of creativity, anything can be a work of art.


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