Inspiring Art and Visual Illustrations Created On A Material That’s Usually Considered Cheap

Ebtehal Salah is an Architectural student in 5th year who has recently begun to experiment with cardboard as a medium for her art.

Ebtehal Salah from Libya uses a product like cardboard, which is discounted by many as a cheap material. Furthermore, she adds a huge amount of 3D texture to her pieces.

She is a 5th-year student in architecture. This is achieved by cutting away portions of the surface to expose the ribbed interior. Ebtehal Salah uses cardboard to create stunning architectural art. She slices different designs into each piece, making them unique. By adding a beautiful background to the building, she is depicting the building’s architectural integrity and visual texture. The medium on which you spread your art can play a massive role in what you draw.

In addition to using cardboard as an art medium, Salah creates her own designs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software programs, which allows her to create intricate patterns that look like 3D textured walls and floors on top of simple 2D surfaces

Ebtehal Salah work is a great example of how you can transform the way you look at the material, and think outside the box when it comes to 3D design.

Instead of paying attention to what material looks like on the surface, she considers what lies beneath. The complexity of her cardboard creations is truly outstanding, and it’s easy to be impressed by her determination as she keeps pushing her designs forward.

What’s clear from Salah’s work is that the cardboard medium is versatile, and allows for visual trends to be used by an artist of any skill level. For example, if artists in the future try out this art style, they will also find a new way to use this material as a canvas.

Ebtehal Salah

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