Incredible 3D Street Art Typography Grabs Eyeballs On The Social Media

You really have to hand it over to the British artist, who goes by the name of Pref, for evolving the aesthetics of graffiti in the form of typography. He has been into street art for over two decades and has been honing his street art skills as a typographer.

What makes his typography stand out is the 3D text that not only plays on the perspectives but also gives meaning to the word games that he places. Each street art is a work of exquisite beauty that joins the ranks of true art.

Some of the words painted in vibrant colours seem to leap out or sink into the walls, others seem to like waving in the wind. What’s even more peculiar is that not one of them is in the same style. It is kudos to the fertile imagination of this immensely talented artist.

Pref has certainly mastered his unique, multi-layered lettering style through which he communicates popular phrases and expressions in the form of street art. Although at times, the words can be hard to distinguish, it makes his art all the more alluring.

Pref enjoys a following of over 50,000 fans on Instagram.

More Info: Instagram | Bigcartel


Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

Image: pref_id

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Written by Deepak Mehla

Graphics Designer, Seeking A Job.

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