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Turkish Artist Uses Forks and Knives to Create Amazing Calligraphy

If you have seen the text written in different artistic letters, you would know how difficult the art of calligraphy really is. Well, meet the Turkish artist, Yazi Yolcusu, who makes calligraphy even more difficult. He uses forks and knives, instead of pens, to create fork calligraphy art that is absolutely stunning to look at.

Yazi Yolcusu, whose actual name is Hayri Tekgöz, has been honing his skills using metal cutlery to create incredible calligraphy. He is a whizz at creating fork calligraphy font, either using all four prongs of a fork or only the top or bottom one. And it is not only the fork, he does wonders with the knife too. He uses its sharp tip as an ink pen, raising the difficulty quotient even further.

Yolcusu, who was born in Bursa, Turkey, possessed an artistic bent of mind since childhood. He did a calligraphy course after completing his schooling and military service at the Ankara Military Academy. He tasted fame once the videos of his amazing calligraphy using fork went viral on social media, such as Facebook and Reddit. This encouraged him to create his own website, where he not only posts his works but sells them too. He also started the Nubya Fine Writing Art Workshop in Bursa.

Initially, Yolcusu worked in the Turkish newspaper, Bursa Şehir, for a couple of years as a columnist. He has also figured in two documentaries – ‘The Magic of Clothes’ and ‘Süleyman Çelebi’. His works have been appreciated around the world in countries where the Republic of Turkey promotes art and culture, such as Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. He has written a couple of books and has appeared in many television shows.

Up till now, Yolcusu has held 10 original exhibitions and has participated in over 350 booths and fairs. He has global recognition and has been conferred with many awards and honors by universities and institutions. His current endeavor is to specialize in the fork calligraphy alphabet and writing mechanisms used in Turkish history. He has a viewership of over 147,000 on Instagram.

Yazı Yolcusu

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